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Courses in Physics

Spring 2016

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Fall 2015

AST 108: Introductory Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies
AST 118: Introductory Astronomy: The Solar System
PHY 109: Introduction to Physics
PHY 111: General Physics II
PHY 112: General Physics II
PHY 203: Elementary Physics I
PHY203H Elementary Physics I (Honors Section)
PHY 204: Elementary Physics II
PHY 205: Elementary Physics III
PHY205H Elementary Physics III (Honors Section)
PHY 322: Mechanics
PHY 381: Advanced Laboratory Physics
PHY 401: Seminar in Physics
PHY 420: Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHY 430: Modern Biological Physics
PHY 451: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
AST/PHY 483: Laboratory and Research Problems in Physics
AST/PHY 491: Special Problems
PHY 510: Mathematical Methods of Physics I
PHY 525: Statistical Physics I
PHY 540: Modern Biological Physics
PHY 550: Radiation Physics & Dosimetry
PHY 555: Radiation Oncology
PHY 599: Master's Thesis Research
PHY 610: Mathematical Methods of Physics II
PHY 670: Quantum Mecahnics II
PHY 699: Doctoral Dissertation Research

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