PHY 625: Statistical Physics II

Gerhard Müller

Tue/Thu 9:30am-10:45pm, Room 305, East Hall

Soft Matter Physics   

First class on Thursday 01/24/19

Major Topics:


This is an open-ended, topical course. It explores ideas of current interest in the rapidly expanding field of soft condensed matter. The emphasis will be on the application of concepts grounded in statistical physics. This course does not have a required textbook. Some useful references will be suggested and listed on this webpage as the semester progresses. Additional topics may be covered as time permits or preferences suggest. The online topic outline will be updated periodically. Some lecture notes will be posted.

Exercises on specific themes will be discussed regularly. Some of the exercises will be worked out in class. Others will be assigned to participants. Auditing participants are welcome (please contact instructor).

Some relevant textbooks and monographs

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