Soft Matter Physics

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01.  Fundamentals I

Interdisciplinary field of research [pln1] 
Intermolecular forces [pln18]
Hydrophobicity [pln19]
Ordering in soft matter [pln25]
Glass transition [pln24]

02.  Fundamental II

Phase separation

03.  Colloids I

What are colloids? [pln3] *

Brownian motion (for more extensive materials see Sec. 8 of PHY626 )

Colloids versus grains

Interaction forces

Electro-kinetic effects

Charge stabilization

Steric stabilization [pln44]

Colloids with attractive coupling

Flow in dispersions at low and high concentrations

04.  Polymers I


05.  Polymers II

Single polymer in solution [pln49]

Freely jointed chain (FJC) [pln50] 

Persistence length and Kuhn segment length [pln51]

Long-range self-interaction and interaction with solvent

06.  Polymers III

Polymer viscoelasticity

Polymer crystallinity
Gelation [pln56]

07.  Liquid crystals I

Introduction [pln79]

Phase transition between isotropic liquid and nematic liquid-crystal phase

Distorted nematic ordering
Response to electric or magnetic field

08.  Amphiphiles I

Introduction [pln57]  


09.  Ionic soft matter I

Introduction [pln61]

Ionic gels

10.  Microfluidics I

Introduction [pln84] *

Fundamental equations of microfluidics

  Elementary fluid flow

11.  Biological soft matter I: proteins and peptides

Coil-helix transformation

12.  Biological soft matter II: DNA



A.  Glossary of soft-matter physics terms [pln2] *

B.  Tables, maps, and images

Some physical constants [tsl47] *
Some conversion factors [psl6] *

C.  Statistically interacting particles with shapes

Combinatorial analysis
Statistical mechanical analysis

Some relevant textbooks and monographs

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