Topics in Statistical Physics

Phase transitions and critical phenomena

Thermodynamics of phase transitions (in part from PHY525)
Mean-field theory and Ginzburg-Landau theory
Simple microscopic models systems
Ising model
Transfer matrix method
Scaling theory

Renormalization group theory

Aspects of complexity

Looking beyond reductionist program:
Key features:

Complexity in classical dynamics

Phase portraits of simple dynamical systems (in part from PHY520)
Hamiltonian chaos (in part from PHY520)
Dissipative chaos (in part from PHY520)
Chaos in iterated maps
Algorithmic complexity

Anharmonicities in vibrations (in part from PHY520)

Complexity in stochastic processes

Markov processes

Irreversibility, arrow of time, entropy, and information

Emergent qualities

Dissipative structures


Interactions -> structures -> functions

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