Current and recent talks

Self-gravitating lattice gas:
-- equilibrium conditions,
-- gravity in one, two, and three dimensions,
-- differential equation for density profile,
-- solutions for finite and infinite clusters in closed and open systems
-- decay laws,
-- solids, fluids, atmospheres, halos
-- continuous and discontinuous phase transitions
selgra-talk.pdf (2017)

Coil-helix transformation:
-- polypeptide at water-lipid interface,
-- crossover, first-order, and second-order transitions,
-- free energy, helicity, entropy, heat capacity, latent heat,
-- densities and average lengths of coil ad helix segments
cohetra-talk.pdf (2015)

Interacting rods in heterogeneous environment:
-- exact density functionals,
-- generalized exclusion statistics,
-- power-law traps,
-- wall effects,
inharo-talk.pdf (2014)

Jammed disks in narrow channel:

-- criticality and ordering tendencies,
-- profiles of pressure, mass density, and entropy density.
janac-talk.pdf (2014)

Coil-helix transformation:
-- homogeneous and heterogeneous environments.
coil-helix.pdf (2013)

Statistically interacting particles with shapes:
-- lattice gas in one dimension: statistically interacting vacancy particles,
-- jamming in narrow channels: compactivity and configurational entropy,
-- molecular chains under tension and torque: force extension and torque-twist characteristics.
sipws-talk.pdf (2012)

Statistically interacting particles in Ising spin chains.
sipis-talk.pdf (2010)

Quasiparticles in spin chains:
-- interaction, thermodynamics, observability.
qpsit-talk.pdf (2008)

Thermodynamics of statistically interacting quantum gases.
qgas-talk.pdf (2007)

Domains and domain walls in quantum spin chains:
-- statistical interaction and thermodynamics.
qpis-talk.pdf (2007)

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