NATO Advanced Study Institute:
Quantum Monte Carlo Methods
in Physics and Chemistry

July 13 - 24, 1998
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York

Directions: Visiting the Cornell University Campus


Cornell University


Cyrus Umrigar, Theory Center, Cornell University
Peter Nightingale, Physics Department, University of Rhode Island

Organizing Committee

Stefano Baroni, CECAM, Lyon, France
David Ceperley, Department of Physics, University of Illinois, USA
Stephen Fahy, Department of Physics, University College, Cork, Ireland
Alejandro Muramatsu, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Lectures and Seminars:

Titles, Abstracts, Lecture Notes, and Exercises

Lecture Schedule


The Institute will provide a series of mini courses in quantum Monte Carlo methods as used in computational physics and chemistry. The nature of the lectures will be pedagogical; their level will vary from introductory to advanced, and from methods to applications, and targets an audience at the graduate level and above.

The program has been designed to provide students with opportunities to acquire proficiency in the computational methods through exercises. For this purpose, Cornell University will make workstations and a multi-node IBM SP-2 available to the participants of the Institute. The lecturers have been requested to design their lectures so as to take advantage of these facilities and the program will be planned accordingly, with lectures in the morning and computer sessions in the afternoon.

The program will consist of lecture series of pedagogical nature and seminars ranging from research seminars to tutorials. Most of the seminars will be scheduled for the last two days of the Institute.

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