What is special about the BA degree in Physics?

  • This program offers a great deal of flexibility to students who are attracted to physics but who wish to explore a broad range of career options not limited to science.

  • For the first three semesters of physics courses we offer honors sections to well prepared students. These small courses of 10-15 students explore the course materials more in depth and with more advanced applications.

  • We hire physics majors with good grades as part-time teaching assistants in the introductory physics courses. Participating students find their own knowledge deepened and their skills much improved.

  • In the junior lab the students are taught the intricacies of planning and designing an experiment, and of collecting and analyzing data with the most modern tools.

  • The BA degree in Physics will qualify a student to enter graduate programs in physics. However a student in the BA program deciding to pursue graduate studies may wish to switch to the BS program, which is more focused on physics. This switch can be done as late as in the junior year with no delay in graduation.

  • The one-semester research experience of our BA program is good training for the skills needed in a wide spectrum of careers open to professional physicists.

  • Students envisioning a career teaching physics in high school or middle school pursue, in essence, a BA degree in Physics. The BA degree in Physics is now available as part of a double major program with the BA degree in Education:
    Double Major Program Description
    Double Major Detailed Course Sequence.

  • The BA degree in Physics is also available to highly motivated engineering students as part of two new dual-degree programs of 9 semesters duration each:
    BS in Electrical Engineering and BA in Physics
    BS in Mechanical Engineering and BA in Physics

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