What is special about the BS degree in Physics?

  • This program provides a broad and rigorous physics education preparing students for graduate programs anywhere as well as for the many career options of professional physicists in industry and government.

  • For the first three semesters of physics courses we offer honors sections to well prepared students. These small courses of 10-15 students explore the course materials more in depth and with more advanced applications.

  • We hire physics majors with good grades as part-time teaching assistants in the introductory physics courses. Participating students find their own knowledge deepened and their skills much improved.

  • In the junior lab the students are taught the intricacies of planning and designing an experiment, and of collecting and analyzing data with the most modern tools.

  • The special focus on quantum mechanics and condensed matter physics in the senior year enhances our students' knowledge and skills in critical research areas including nanotechnology.

  • The two-semester research experience (senior project) of our BS program prepares students for dissertation work in graduate school as well as for research and development work in government or industrial laboratories.

  • Many of our best students choose to take one or two physics graduate courses in areas they are specially interested in or wish to focus on later in graduate school.

  • Do you have more questions? You may find your answers in this FAQ page.