The links below are to the final versions of the lecture notes (Mon Oct 19 1998).


Stefano Baroni & Saverio Moroni, CECAM, Lyon, France & Sissa, Trieste, Italy: Reptation Quantum Monte Carlo: a round-trip tour from classical diffusion to quantum mechanics [Notes (ps), (cond-mat), Exercises]
Giovanni Bachelet, Department of Physics, University of Rome, Italy: Phase separation in the 2D Hubbard model: a challenging application of fixed-node QMC [Notes (ps) , (cond-mat)
Bernard Bernu, University of Paris, Orsay: Calculations of exchange frequencies with path integral Monte Carlo: solid 3He adsorbed on graphite href="">Notes (ps)]
Joe Carlson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA:Monte Carlo Methods in Nuclear Physics (Notes (ps), Exercises)
David Ceperley, Department of Physics, University of Illinois, USA: Path-integral Monte Carlo [Notes (ps), Notes (TeX), also see Bernu and Senatore]
Jim Doll, Department of Chemistry, Brown University, USA: Equilibrium and dynamical Path Integral Methods: an Introduction [Notes (pdf),(ps), Exercises)
Stephen Fahy, Department of Physics, University College, Cork, Ireland: Variational Monte Carlo in solids [Notes (ps)]
Malvin Kalos, Cornell Theory Center, Cornell University, USA: Fermion Monte Carlo [Notes (ps), Exercises (ps), Exercises (TeX)]
Lubos Mitas, NCSA, University of Illinois, USA: Diffusion Monte Carlo [Notes (ps) ,Exercises]
Alejandro Muramatsu, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Stuttgart, Germany: Quantum Monte Carlo for lattice fermions [Notes (ps)]
Peter Nightingale, Physics Department, University of Rhode Island, USA: Basics and quantum Monte Carlo- statistical mechanics overlap [Notes (ps), Exercises]
Hans De Raedt, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Groningen, the Netherlands: Stochastic diagonalization [Notes (ps) , Notes (pdf) ]
Richard Scalettar, Physics Department, University of California, Davis, USA: Quantum Monte Carlo for Lattice bosons [Notes (ps), Exercises]
Gaetano Senatore, University of Trieste, Italy: Response functions from quantum Monte Carlo [Notes (ps)]
Cyrus Umrigar, Cornell Theory Center, Cornell University, USA: Variational Monte Carlo basics and applications to atoms and molecules [Notes (ps)
Shiwei Zhang, College of William and Mary, USA: Constrained Path Quantum Monte Carlo for Fermions [Notes (ps)]


Geoffrey Chester, Department of Physics, Cornell University, USA: Quantum Monte Carlo studies of liquid and solid helium
Dave Freeman, Chemistry Department, University of Rhode Island, USA: Energy Estimators and the Convergence Rates of Fourier Path Integral Methods(also see Lecture Notes with Doll.)
Erik Koch, Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany: Fixed-node DMC for fermions on a lattice: application to doped fullerides [ Notes (ps)]
Jim Gubernatis, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA: Constrained Path Monte Carlo: Issues and Applications.
Michael Mascagni, Univ. of Southern Mississippi, USA: Serial and parallel random number generation [Notes (ps)]
Peter Reynolds, Office of Naval Research, USA: Algorithms for Computing Matrix Elements by Quantum Monte Carlo[ Notes (html), Notes (power point)]
Sandro Sorella, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy: Green's Function Monte Carlo with Stochastic Reconfiguration: an effective remedy for the sign problem disease

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